Sunday, November 18, 2007

Worst Season Ever

Well, that Pats/Bills game was extremely non-heterosexual. As expected as it was, it's still damn annoying and I think someone needs to get in touch with Tonya Harding and see she can set us up with a hitman and a crowbar.

Combine the Patriots crap with another loss for the Dolphins (at least it took Donovan McNabb faking an ankle injury so the Eagles could upgrade at QB without controversy) this is easily headed toward the worst NFL season in the history of my life.

I'll probably be straying from football talk over the next week or two, aside from the weekly pick 'em, and turn my attention to the Mets offseason, college basketball, and other sports news


Anonymous said...

Ah, keep the faith Mazzone. Beck to Ginn might be one hell of a combo one day in the near future, Jason Allen was great...they just need to f'ing score.

That was the most interested I've been in a Fins game this year.


Antiposse said...

At least Jimmy Rollins won the NL MVP. Oh wait, that probably doesn't make you feel better at all...