Friday, September 7, 2007

Hammerin' Ank

I wasn't planning on posting anything else today but after seeing this story, I had to. Everyone, including myself, has been excited for the Rick Ankiel story. The other day I had the following conversation with Durden on AIM (AIM names changed to protect privacy).

*Mazzone* (2:34:08 PM): Rick Ankiel 2 more homers
*Mazzone* (2:34:26 PM): How funny would it be if he got suspended for steroids, served his suspension and then came back as a catcher
*Mazzone* (2:34:40 PM): but couldn't hit, just threw everyone out
*Durden* (2:36:27 PM): haha

We're almost there, don't let me down Ank! Come back as a light hitting defensive catcher, I have faith in you.

**Yes, I know HGH does not equal steroids, and I know no suspension is looming. I just found it amusing that I had that convo before hearing of the story.

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