Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Random Tuesday Musings

--Reports out of Cleveland are that Derek Anderson is furious Romeo Crennel did NOT do a best Two out of Three on today’s coin toss to determine which QB got to be traded to Seattle.

--The list of unfair competitive advantages continues to grow for the Patsies. First HGH to Rodney Harrison, now complex sign stealing involving cameramen and radio frequencies. Soon the rest of the world will loathe the Patriots as much as I do. I hope we get at least one shot of a fan holding up "Please don't steal my sign" at their next game.

--Even prior to Monday Night and McNair looking like he might be part of Tim Donaghy’s circle of friends, TPS was rooting for Kyle Boller to get an opportunity. Myself, because I’ve long enjoyed hating on Boller ever since he was drafted for his ability to perform on his knees (claiming he can throw 50-yards through the goalposts from his knees, among other things), and Durden because he’s one of few Raven fans that has always and continues to believe Kyle Boller will be successful. Is it time?

--Though not his best, I enjoyed THE Chad’s celebration. The only thing that hurt it was the build-up. Manage expectations Chad.

--This isn’t news, but Ray Lewis is an animal. And not just because he may or may not have killed someone and may or may not have played with a torn triceps muscle last night.

--Ron Jaworski has never met a quarterback he didn’t like, no…LOVE.

--If Rick Spielman wasn’t overruled by Dave Wannstedt’s mustache, Anquan Boldin could be wasting away in Miami instead of wasting away Arizona right now. Boldin will get his numbers by seasons end simply because he's one of the best, but that game was tough to watch.

--Potentially devastating injuries all over the place, but no injury was less surprising than Chad Pennington’s.

--Fantasy Football pundits Matthew Barry, Jamey Eisenberg, Bill Simmons, Dave Kricheff, and others all thought I made the wrong decision by starting Tony Romo over Donovan McNabb this week. I wish I could enjoy it more, but my team still got beat pretty handily (I blame Reggie Bush).

--“Reno to the Rescue!” More than one Eagle fan mentioned to me how they wanted Reno Mahe back after the debacle on Sunday. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, their wish may be granted. Eagles contacted Mahe (in Utah) and told him to get to Philly ASAP. Jeremy Bloom is another possible option.

--Al Davis outsmarts everyone again. Signing Russell now will likely avoid all QB controversy in Oakland as he simply couldn’t even think of starting for at least a month. He’ll be able to make it through the season healthy and pair him with their first round pick next year (Darren McFadden, DeSean Jackson?!). It will be like having 2 top five picks next year. Well played Al Davis…

--I’m an Eli Manning apologist, but you’re crazy if you think I don't want to see J-Load (Jared Lorenzen) line up behind, over, and under center for a full game.

--Stop by tomorrow when we’ll talk a little Fantasy Football, highlighted by the Kurse and its impact on Week 1, plus what to expect for week 2. Week 2 against the spread picks are in the works and will be posted late Thursday evening for those of you on the West Coast (me) and first thing Friday morning for everyone else.

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