Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Night Snippets:

I’m too tired and demoralized to go around the entire NFL with my endzone to endzone wrap up that I did last week, so you’ll have to settle for these snippets.

-How ‘bout them Browns! There’s so much to say about this game, but none of it would do it any justice. Do yourself a favor and watch as many highlights as you can. As a fun side game, while you’re watching see how many jail/prison break related jokes you can make for the Jamal Lewis runs.

-So many things wrong with that Dolphin loss after having the lead late in the third quarter. Most revolve around Trent Green and Cam Cameron, and maybe I’ll get to them later in the week after I’m done sulking.

-Drew Brees and the Saints look done. My brother’s curse has struck again and it’s simply unbelievable how powerful it’s become. If you own any Saints offensive player, it might be wise to unload them now as I’m not sure we will be able to convince Keith to drop Drew Brees for the good of football.

-The Patriots won Cheater Bowl ’07, and looked pretty much invincible doing it. Annoying.

-The lone bright spot in this entire day of sports for me was the Texans taking care of business after falling behind 14-0. Two of the best WR’s in the game put on a nice little show. Andre Johnson sat most of the fourth quarter and still had fantastic numbers.

We also saw Steve Smith be so unstoppable that he even broke the laws of the “controller test.” The controller test comes from Durden and me playing Madden. If we get tackled and put the controller down to grab a drink then look up to see that there was a fumble, we know to challenge it. The play failed the controller test. Clearly, the play was over and my player’s knee was down, or I wouldn’t have put my controller down. Well, this is the first time in quite awhile that I can remember the controller test applying to a play that wasn’t a turnover. Steve Smith was wrapped up by several Texan players after a reception. So much so that I turned my head to catch part of another game (put down the controller). When I turned my head back just seconds later, the diminutive Smith had somehow broken free and was coasting into the end zone for his third touchdown of the day. He’s incredible.

Back to my sleeper team…

We will not be accepting any more people onto the Texan bandwagon after the Monday night game this week. You had your chance and chose to ignore me. I’ve given you ample time to come around. Bill Simmons will also not be allowed on despite his recent article where he mentions a possible jump. As the self proclaimed Texan bandwagon president, I refuse to allow someone who took Joey Harrington and the Falcons as their initial sleeper pick, only to consider changing it after week 2 – he’s got to have some sort of rule against doing that anyway.

-I wish I could tell if the Steelers were for real or not, but it’s tough to judge against the Browns and Bills. At this point, if they were tested before they go to Denver in week 7, I’d be a bit surprised.

-It’s time for the Rex Grossman experiment to be over, it’s not fun for anyone anymore. It’s just sad.

-Adrian Peterson was the leading rusher and the leading receiver for the Vikes. Mewelde Moore was the second leading rusher and the second leading receiver for the Vikes. Tarvaris Jackson has two things down pat: Check down, Interception.

-The collective hearts of hundreds of Survivor/Suicide pool players everywhere dropped when Janikowski’s 52 -yarder went through to win it. Only to find out Shanahan had saved the day with a last second time out before the snap had gotten off. A crushing loss for the Raider faithful and everyone who didn’t pick Denver in our survivor pools (DAMN YOU SHANAHAN!)

-I didn’t catch much of the Ravens/Jets game but Heap made a nice catch for his TD. Does it make up for last week? Probably not, but he’s still the man in that offense.

-What we saw from the Cardinals today is what I expect all year. Inconsistency, highest of highs, lowest of lows, and when it’s all done hope that you’re close enough for Neil Rackers to win a few in the end. They should provide some entertaining games though, and Edge looks to be relevant again, which is fun.

-Had this text message exchange with my best friend and longtime die-hard cowboys fan late in the game.

Me: Would you rather Jacque Reeves or a chicken with its head cut off?
Cowboys Fan: Probably the chicken.
Me: I was thinking the same thing.

Final Recap:
Dolphins Lost
Mets Lost
Fantasy teams Lost
Jeter came through again

I'm a sore loser so sports and I are in a fight until further notice.

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Anonymous said...

So when does Ms. Cleo or Beck get a shot? And when does that d-line plan on showing up? Good God, that was atrocious. They didn't even sniff Romo all day.