Saturday, September 15, 2007

Week 2: Dallas Cowboys @ Miami Football Dolphins

Why the Dolphins will lose:
-Who’s going to cover T.O.?

-If the defense is as gassed as early as they were last week and doesn’t find a way to get to Romo, it could be a very long day.

- Marion Barber the THIRD and Julius Jones are a solid one-two punch and we saw what Ladell Betts and Portis did last week.

-If Newman plays and is effective the whole game, that’s a huge boost to a sub-par secondary.

-Despite the Dallas injuries, the defense still has some guys that can get after the QB, and the Dolphins offensive line is not exactly a strength - to put it kindly.

-Losing Yeremiah Bell for the year means Lamont Thompson/Donovan Darius/ or (cringe) Traveres Tillman will see significant time this week at safety. Thompson and Darius were just signed this week, and Tillman… well, Tillman is a nice special teams player.

-Seriously, who’s going to cover T.O?

Why the Dolphins will win:
-I’m not ready to believe the talented Miami front 7 is as bad as they showed last week.

-Roy Williams couldn’t cover me at this point. Even Cowboy fans are finally fed up. I wonder when the rest of the NFL community will come around. At least he can still tackle.

- Jacque Reeves. He was so outclassed last week that the Cowboys are going to do everything they can to get Newman back on the field (even if he’s less than 100%) in hopes of being able to keep Frenchy on the bench a bit more. Don’t be fooled by articles out of Dallas praising his Sunday night performance and saying it was “his best game.” That’s not exactly saying much – in his prior 44 games as a backup he’s had 0 interceptions and 7 passes defensed. If he’s on the field, Cameron has to get Chambers/Ginn opposite him and go to town.

-Ken Hamlin is the opposite of Roy Williams. He’s ok in coverage, but he couldn’t tackle anything last week.

-Injuries to Ellis, Ferguson, and Newman are devastating for this defense.

-There will be mismatches for Cameron to exploit as he did last week. If Newman can’t go, there will be Reeves to take advantage of. If they commit safety help to Reeves they’ll be weakening a run D that just lost their starting defensive tackle for the season.

-Also, Cameron knows Wade Phillips defense inside and out from their time with the Chargers. If you think that doesn’t matter, just ask the Patriots how much it helps to know what plays are coming.

-The Dolphin defense completely shut down Cooley last week so we know they are capable of handling Witten. Crayton and Hurd don’t really scare anyone, despite deficiencies in our defensive backfield.

- Is this a bad sign for the Cowboys?

-Ted Ginn is due for a return to the house. Ok, I’m grasping at straws now, time to wrap this up.

-Durden LOVES when I toss in meaningless stats, so here’s a few final reasons you should take the ‘Phins to win…

**The Dolphins are 10-3 in their last 13 home openers.
**2-0 in their last two games against the Cowboys.
**And finally, they’ve NEVER…EVER lost a regular season home game under Cam Cameron…

Enjoy the games, believe in the Dolphins, and always believe in football

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