Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday Musings:

- The Texas Longhorns are petitioning the NFL Commissioner to become the Bengals farm team.

- I think we should focus more on the positive of the Pats cheating, than the negatives. For example, Charlie Weiss and Romeo Crennel both were made out to be geniuses and landed head coaching jobs because of it. Now they're back to just being overweight clowns as their failures provide enjoyment to most everyone. So, with that, I say... Leave Bill Belichick alone!

- I'm still annoyed that the Dolphins defensive front 7 was Romophobic and barely got near him on Sunday. The way Romo is playing reminds me a lot of a healthy, productive McNabb right now - except he's white, so if he struggles he won't be criticized nearly as much.

- I watched this guy pitch against the Padres yesterday. I hope someday we get to see someone who's name on their jersey makes a complete circle around their number.

- I had to upgrade the Texans bandwagon to a party bus this week, but Andre Johnson's knee injury, if serious, would be more than a flat tire...more like a shot transmission.

-I think Petrino is smart to talk to Leftwich and make it seem like he's trying to find a way to improve the team this year, but don't be fooled. I'd bet he's already helping Brian Brohm look for housing in Atlanta.

-I know this is the second straight week that Jason Campbell's numbers were less than stellar, but I think he could be solid over the long haul. He's in a good situation with the right talent around him and a solid offensive line to protect him. He's shown a lot of poise and throws a nice ball, but he needs to find some consistency. Missing Moss on that deep ball was unacceptable and there were a few other erratic throws as well. It seems like the pieces are there, and it's just a question of if it will all come together.

-I'll leave you with the story of Jon Kitna, the miracle worker.

"Indy can have Peyton and New England can have Tom, but we wouldn't trade this guy for anyone in the world. He's the best quarterback in this league right now. I'm saying as far as a quarterback. I'm not saying passer or runner or anything. When you're making plays like that and you're playing so unselfishly, it's unbelievable." - Dan Orlovsky, 3rd string QB, Detroit Lions

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