Monday, September 17, 2007

It was over before it began...

I could listen to Charles Barkley talk about anything, but aside from that it was another mundane Monday Night game, in my opinion.

Pardon me for not thinking the Monday Night Football game was all that exciting - even though the score says otherwise. You see, I knew well before the last pass was broken up by Laron Landry that the Eagles weren't scoring to tie it up. Here's the long drawn out reason why:

I knew Philly wasn't going to run it in which meant it would be up to Donovan to get it done. If you've read my earlier entries, you know I don't have anything against McNabb. You also know I have him on two fantasy teams and picked the Eagles to win tonight.

So, you're probably wondering why I felt so sure McNabb couldn't get them into the endzone. Was it because he struggled in week1 and the passing game was sub par through most of this game? Nope. Was it because he didn't have one receiver I felt confident could catch a pass with the game on the line? Nope. Was it because, even if they did score, they'd still have to find a way convert the 2 pointer? Nope.

Here it is. I have two primary fantasy football leagues. A 10 team re-draft league with friends/family and a 12 team keeper league with a bunch of guys that I also play fantasy baseball with (also 12 team keeper that's been going for over 10 years now). Both leagues have some real quality owners. You know, the type that don't read the crap that "fantasy experts" like Brad Evans spew out on yahoo and other sites for advice, but rather to laugh at the idiocy of it all.

Since 2002, in the two leagues combined I have finished worst than 4th only twice - with 3 second place finishes and a first. So, while I'm by no means a dynasty, I'm also not a complete hack and yet as the final whistle blew tonight I managed to accomplish something I thought was impossible.

With a roster that was completely healthy, during a week where there were no byes, and one NFL game accounted for 96 - NINETY SIX- points, my starting lineup (11 total players including a kicker and a defense) had ZERO touchdowns. Zero passing TD's, zero rushing TD's, zero receiving TD's, and no love from the def/special teams either.

And, it's not like I started the wrong guys (I actually nearly had my optimal lineup), there were only two touchdowns to be had on my bench (both by Romo, who I wouldn't ever start against my Dolphins).

So, as the Eagles marched down the field for the potential tying score and McNabb being my last hope for avoiding fantasy football infamy, all I was trying to figure out was how the Redskins would ice it.

Fittingly, it was one of my wide receivers, "White Lightning", who was unable to hang onto the ball that could have kept the Eagles alive.

To put a positive spin on it, I like to pretend that each guy has a predetermined number of TD's they are going to score for the season and the fact that none of my guys wasted any of their's this week bodes well for future weeks. Of course I know that's complete nonsense to 99% of the people out there, but that's not going to stop my wishful thinking.

So, there you have it:
16 games
695 points scored in week 2 of the National Football League
16 players on one fantasy roster accounting for 0 touchdowns
1 Fantasy Football name change (the team formerly known as Hurricane Chris has been downgraded to Tropical Storm Chris)

Sports and I are still in a fight, but things are never as bad as they seem and hope is only a few days away...

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